People fortunate enough to live and work in the Mount Vernon, Iowa area often comment on the vibrant local creative community. Visitors are often blown away by what we might describe as the creativity per capital here.


Lincoln Highway Arts Festival 2016

This website was founded by Steve Maravetz as a place to showcase the creative efforts of people in the Mount Vernon, Iowa area, no matter how they express it. Of course it includes what we think of as arts stuff: writing (essays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction), the visual arts (photography, painting, ceramics), and the performing arts (music, dance, theater).  We also want to include other types of creativity in which people here engage: whittling, storytelling, puppeteering etc.

Participating in this site is pretty easy. Just pass along 1) a bio of yourself; 2) a photo to accompany your bio; 3) some samples of your work: these can be pictures, things you’ve written, audio files, videos that have been posted on YouTube or Vimeo; 4) whatever links you want included on your profile page. These can include a link to a website, a blog, your Facebook page, Picassa site…anything.

If you’re in the Mount Vernon, IA area and are interested in displaying your creativity, you can use the submission link in the navigation bar along the top or send me an email at Denise@rislite.com. I hope to hear from you soon!

Denise and Robert
Mount Vernon, Iowa
Mark Benesh takes a break to visit

Mark Benesh – Artist

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